4 min readNov 20, 2021



2021 has been a great year for Tems in the music industry, filled with different highlights that has taken her music career to a very great height. The rapid rise was unexpected and even she couldn’t have predicted it. After featuring on Wizkid’s Essence, which is arguably the song of the year because of its record breaking achievements and award nominations not only in Africa but in other parts of the world majorly the US, then she was featured by Drake on Fountains, a song off Drake’s latest album Certified Lover Boy. She proceeded to announce the release of another EP If Orange Was A Place which is a follow-up to the lovely For Broken Hears EP which was released in September 2020.

The EP If Orange Was A Place contains five tracks with guest feature from Brent Faiyaz, the track Vibe Out is the fifth and last track of the album and its an undiscovered gem of the album. The track is not well hyped on social media and doesn’t get the plaudits it deserves because the only track released independently off the album Crazy Things seems to have taken all the spotlight. Like Tems described the song herself in an interview with Apple Music, she said “Vibe Out is the setting of the sun and getting prepared to move. It is what I call the ‘ginger’ and the burst of dance.. the sunset dance”. The track itself is a mid tempo song that has a catchy beat, which is not a regular R&B beat, the underlining Piano complements the beats perfectly, making it sound Pop-like, the humming makes it more pleasant, her lyrics more charming. This track is ‘prime’ Tems.

On this track, Tems just releases all her worries, she doesn’t want to be worried or hurt anymore , just wants to enjoy herself. The track carries a vibe of escapism and literally helps you to ease your stress. At 4:57, the track is a little short of 5 minutes and it’s the perfect song for whenever you’re troubled and need to have a free mind. It has no disturbing lyrics and it’s so easy to follow and comprehend the theme of the song. Tems’ aim was to take listeners to another realm that is ‘warm and sweet’ and this was the proper bop to do that with. It has the feeling of motivation in it as well, that ‘get up and go' feeling. Like the name implies, it’s a song for chill time, for rest and relaxation which makes it feature on play lists about mood and relaxation on Apple Music, it has that Friday feeling vibe immersed in it. Infact, it’s a part of this writer’s late-night play list. It just takes you to another realm !

In truth, this is one of best songs Tems has written, lyrically, execution and production wise too, credit to GuiltyBeatz for this lovely production work. Tems’ ability to make timeless music is not in doubt because this song has a big replay value when a listener understands the message of the song and gets the vibe. The track deserves to placed alongside the best records of this year so far, it might not have done the rounds in terms of number nor attract more audience to it, but it’s arguably the best song off the IOWAP EP.

Vibe Out, is the real vibe, it’s lovely and beautiful, its everything you want to ease your mind and create an avenue for escapism. Just spare out 5 minutes of your time and listen to this bop, you’d be glued to it like I am and would probably fit into your playlists and I’m sure soon you’d have it on replay as well. I must add, it was playing in my ears all the time I spent writing this article.

Listen and Enjoy.