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A food for thought,Are you ready for Jesus’ second coming? Have you ever given it a thought of where you’d find yourself when the judgement day comes? Would you be among the Sheep or the Goat ? Jesus Christ comes soon, would you be a part of his loved one or you will be found wanting ?

We live in a world where people doing the wrong thing far outweighs people doing the right thing. What is the right thing ? The right thing is to go about Your Almighty Father’s business daily (John 9:4) What is the wrong thing ? Doing anything that is not Christ-like and not acceptable of a true believer.

The end time is near, the signs have been written in the Bible in a very long time (Luke 21:10-11), the Devil is more hardworking and efficient in drawing more people closer to himself, he wants to draw more people to eternal damnation with him something Christ has given us a chance to be free from when he died for us on the cross. Would you let Christ’s death for you be in vain ? I advise you not to allow that because the end of it is usually bitter and there would be regrets and gnashing of teeth.

What Do You Need To Attain Spiritualism ?

To be Holy and righteous is a very simple thing to do once you put your whole heart and might to it. Jesus had made it so easy for us after his death on the cross. Here are what must be done;

  • Repent of your sins: This is the first step to attaining spiritualism, you have to confess all of your sins and iniquities to Him, anything filthy thing that is not Christ-like has to be stopped.
  • Pray for Consecration: To consecrate simply means to make something holy. You have to pray for consecration and sanctification of your soul. For you to be sanctified, you need to be pure in heart and in your doings (Matthew 5:8) and also remove all remnants of desires of things of the world from your heart. This goes a long way. It’s so important when you aim to attain spiritualism and this step should not be skipped.
  • Be Baptised in the Holy Spirit: The next step is to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. John 4:24 (KJV) “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth”. For you to worship God wholeheartedly and be passionate about his work, you need His divine spirit to guide you in every step of the way.
  • Seek for things to make you grow spiritually: The next step after being sanctified is to start seeking things to make you grow spiritually, whether it be short Bible passages, spiritual messages or podcasts, quotes, articles that gives you more knowledge about God, listen to music that praises God. This is important because at this stage, the Devil seeks to pull you back to himself, but that your hunger and desire to know more about Christ is what would get you through the line. Temptations would arise to pull you back, but be ready and fight against it. Prepare yourself and build your foundation well because it is important (Luke 6:48-49).

At this point, you are well prepared and equipped to walk through this Journey of Faith. Serve God in truth, diligently, zealously and be ready to sacrifice lots of things for Him that sent you (John 4:24). Things will happen but never let it move you nor affect your faith, in the end the rewards waiting for us in heaven is more plentiful than what we get on earth (Colosians 3:24).

Have A Blessed Sunday !