3 min readNov 7, 2021



Ladipoe, definitely not a new name in the Nigerian music industry, he’s been around for a while. Popularly known for his different kind of music style nicknamed ‘Alté’ or full meaning ‘Alternative’. Ladipoe, formerly known as Poe, is very gifted and his bars are so lit.

After dropping a hit single this year titled “Feelings” with Buju, Ladipoe continued in the same stead and dropped a fire EP, a six track EP which shows lyricism, his all round talent. The Providence EP is a true reflection of where Ladipoe’s music career is at the moment and duly showcases Ladipoe’s music abilities.

The first track ‘LOTR II’ in full ‘Leader Of The Revival’ ; Ladipoe has often referred to himself as LOTR because he is a part of new set of artiste giving a new kind of music vibe known as ‘Alternative’ which is different from the usual Afrobeats that is common in Nigeria. ‘LOTR II’ sees Ladipoe talking about himself, accepting who he is and everything he’s faced. This is a pure alte-rap track where Ladipoe shows his lyricism and how good he is when it comes to dropping bars. He said “I’ll keep being me, authentic, pure, no additives, the secret to longevity is to rewrite the narrative”, this line shows what Ladipoe intends to do with his music, he’ll keep doing what he does best regardless of the condition and he will remain committed to it, because he believes to be long-lasting you need to change the belief of music lovers, make them see another angle of music which is what he meant when he said “rewrite the narrative”

‘Afro Jigga’ is just the right track to kick-start the EP properly after a mighty Rap intro, Ladipoe was at his scintillating best in this track, rapping diligently and also doing the chorus duties with the featured artist Rema, who spices up the track more with his vocals. This is just a lovely all round song. ‘Law Of Attraction’ , the third track of the EP, is a R&B infused track that literally talks about Sex . The way Ladipoe gently glides on the beat is amazing, his description ability is ultimate, he simply got everything right on this track. This is a cool rap song that you need to relax, it’s just the perfect ‘RapSoul’ vibe. The additional vocals beneath the song just spiced up everything. Everything about the song is just perfect.

‘ Running’ , the only song that was dropped off the album, a track which is a potential Radio smash hit, the synergy and connection between Ladipoe and Fireboy DML on this track is divine. They made making music looking so easy, Ladipoe’s verse was lovely as usual, Fireboy’s vocals spot on. A lovely track in all aspects. ‘Love Essentials’ featuring Amaarae is another R&B infused track, this is a cool vibe, with baby-voiced Amaarae spicing things up with her near whispering voice. Ladipoe eventually comes on after 2 minutes serving soft rap that makes it more beautiful. This is a track that hits the right spots in your body when you listen to it, it’s also ‘RapSoul’ vibe. The last track of the EP, Providence, the track carries a powerful meaning, which talks about God’s guidance which is shown when a voice at the end of the track said “ Providence, the protective care of God, timely preparation, for future eventualities” this was the perfect outro for the EP.

The Providence EP, is a well executed, engineered, ordered and beautiful EP, arguably his best project till date, Ladipoe did more than himself on this, he got everything right and he deserves all the potential plaudits this EP will get. A potential classic EP. Ladipoe is not going away anytime soon .

RATING: 9/10