A Y O M I K U N ! ( Big Baby M )

2 min readFeb 12, 2022

Ayomikun, in it's native meaning, means the fullness of joy. Having a Ayomikun in your life means joy is not far from you at any time. Adorable, Young, Open-Minded, Majestic, Inspiring, Knowledgeable, Unabased, Noble. Those are the characters of a Ayomikun whenever you see them. Alternatively, all of those qualities could be abbreviated back to form their name.

Well, I do have one.

Talking about my Ayomikun, she is a sweet and special one. One that carries a lot of importance than she can probably imagine. A young, tall, light-skinned, beautiful and intelligent girl who is introverted and timid sometimes; although she likes my company. Ayomikun is not your regular kind of girl, she is different in some way, it's not meant to serve as a praise, but it's the fact.

Why she is different? OK, I'll explain

She's thoughtful and resourceful, a habit not common in most female. Always ready to listen and help whenever you've got an issue. She is ready to go through thick and thin with you so far you are plain with her each step along the way. She is sacrificial, well-mannered even though she reacts somehow to simple corrections sometimes. She is kind and friendly, although easy to offend as well. She hates pretence and lies and easily cuts off people once you lose her trust. The most exceptional thing about her is that, she shows maturity that is way beyond her age. And that's exactly why she is so different.

If you've got one, hold on to it tight. Rare gems don't come so easily. It's peace of mind, joy, God's blessing and other good things together in one person.

This is for you M, keep on shining baby girl ❤. Happy Birthday, dearest M.